Mountain dog becomes foster dad to the little fawn

The little deer badly needed help.

One warm spring day, a YouTuber going by the name honeysada found two baby whitetail deer and their mom in his yard. But the man immediately noticed something was off with one of the twin deer: she was having trouble walking.

The deer appeared to have a leg injury, and she couldn’t keep up with her mom and sibling.

The baby tried her hardest to walk along but her limp was too much. Her mom tried to wait for her but eventually left the baby behind.

The baby couldn’t even walk, she had to just sit still because of her injury.

Her mother never returned. Honeysada knew that there were a lot of predators, like bear and fox, around and that the little baby deer wouldn’t be able to survive on her own.

So, he decided to scoop the baby deer up and bring it into his home so that the deer could get well.

His dogs and cats were pretty darn confused about this. They weren’t exactly sure what they were looking at or why it was in their house.

Let’s just say they weren’t very happy about their new roommate. And the deer was very curious about the dogs.

The dog, however, didn’t really want much to do with the young fawn.

The cats kind of kept their distance and would just give the fawn dirty looks.

Honeysada discovered that the fawn’s leg wasn’t broken but there was clearly something wrong with it.

So, he created a brace for the deer out of an oatmeal box. He also fed the sweet baby deer with a bottle.

She was real hungry and ate super fast.

Since she was a baby, she needed to be fed every four hours. Her new brace made it a little easier for her to walk but she still struggled.

Thankfully honeysada’s cats and dogs grew fonder of the deer and kept an eye out for her. One of the dogs actually took on the role of the deer’s foster dad and would stand by close to her and giver her lots of kisses.

They would even cuddle together.

But she was growing stronger and stronger every day thanks to all the love and support around her.

Eventually, she was strong enough to be released back into the wild to find her real mom.

And she did eventually. The momma deer and her two babies still hang around honeysada’s property and come and visit once in a while.

We’re so glad this deer is doing better and was able to go back out in the wild where she belongs. We’re sure the dogs’ doting over her helped her feel better!

Check out the video about the deer below!

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