Woman determines to save the stray dog even when he keeps running away

The way he looked back in the car grabbed my heart.

When dog rescuer Megan heard about a Great Pyrenees who had been roaming the streets of a small, rural California town for about a year, she was heartbroken.

Megan was determined to save the stray.

And she wasn’t the only one. There were many rescuers who tried to catch Miles and bring him into a safe, loving environment. Miles, however, wasn’t interested and was too scared to venture into a world he didn’t know.

The Great Pyrenees breed is often described as “majestic,” according to the American Kennel Club.

They are mountain dogs that are immensely strong.

“These steadfast guardians usually exhibit a Zen-like calm, but they can quickly spring into action and move with grace and speed to meet a threat,” their AKC’s website says.

Megan knew that this majestic creature deserved a better life and decided that she would be the one to introduce him into it. So, she got in her car to track him down and found him leisurely lying in the grass.

Though he was a free dog, Miles did not look like a happy dog. He looked worn down, tired.

“There’s other stray dogs that would attack him and it gets to like 110 degrees sometimes,” Megan told The Dodo.

When Megan approached Miles, she promised that she would find him a home.

“Hi baby, I’m here for you! You ready to get out of here?” she asked the very large, white dog.

But Miles wasn’t. He would let Megan get close to him and feed him some cookies but when she asked if she could leash him he bounced pretty quickly.

Miles became suspicious and, cookies or not, he didn’t want to be leashed after having been free for so long.

Megan wasn’t going to give up on Miles though and drove around until she found him again.

“I’m running out of cookies!” she worried.

Still, Miles wasn’t ready to trust Megan.

“I just did that for six or seven hours. It was just trying to get him and I couldn’t. I was just heartbroken because it was dark. I had to find help. I had to find a trapper.”

So, Megan enlisted the help of Danny Spanks of A SafeFurr Place Animal Rescue.

Danny ended up corraling Miles into what ended up being the perfect place to catch a dog, a dog park.

He lured the doggo with some hot dogs and with the help of Megan and her friend Courtney they were able to finally leash Miles.

“When he had the leash on, he was paralyzed. Now it was getting him to walk. You can see he’s so scared,” Megan explained.

She made sure to coax him and speak to him sweetly as they carried him into the van.

Miles was abruptly take to a “pet resort.”

“He was able to decompress and he moved into his foster’s house,” Megan said.

And from there, Miles’ life completely changed.

“He’s become a dog. He sits on his foster’s lap he’s interacting with other dogs, and he walks on his leash, he has a bed to sleep in. He smiles because he knows he’s safe.”

And that is the reason why Megan does what she does every day. More than 2.9 million people on YouTube watched Miles’ story.

“Even when he’s trying to escape he’s friendly and chill, doesn’t bark and attack. What an awesome doggo. I hope the rest of his life is amazing,” wrote one commenter on YouTube.

“They guard children against threats, often standing between children and scary situations. A child might have had an easy time with him. My Great Pyrenees here in the country had a most patient and loving soul,” said another.

Watch the rescue of this Great Pyrenees in the video below!

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