Brave Great Dane protects his family from home intruder

When Tracy McCoy heard the back door open, she thought it was her older son coming in, but she realized how wrong she was once she rounded the corner. Thankfully, Dubai was there with her.

Luckily, Tracy’s 125-pound Great Dane, Dubai, was there to help when Tracy realized there was an intruder in her home.

When the security footage first starts, you see a man, Robert Ward, enter the home as if it is his own. Ward even stops and pets Dubai, who doesn’t sense danger yet. Like many dogs, it seems like Dubai is weary, sniffing the man to get a sense of who he is.

After Ward pests Dubai, he continues into the house, where he comes face-to-face with Tracy off-camera.

Understandably, when Tracy saw Ward, she screamed, which was the reaction Dubai needed to jump into action. Like the loyal boy he is, Dubai realized Tracy was in danger, so he stepped into his role of security dog.

“He immediately did an about-face literally and started after the gentleman, and he escorted him out by the rear end with his teeth,” Tracy said about the moment after she screamed.

Great Danes are gentle giants, sleeping most of the day, only needing 20-40 minutes of exercise each day, and a tendency to drool…a lot. This could explain why Dubai didn’t attack the intruder right away.

But still, Great Danes like Dubai can weigh 120+ pounds, sometimes pushing 200 pounds. And when standing on their hind legs, stand over six feet tall! So, if you break into a home and think the family’s Great Dane won’t be a problem, wait until it goes into protect mode.

Once Dubai understands that this man isn’t supposed to be in his home, he shows him the way out just as you would home your dog would, with a few jumps and bites.

Soon after Ward left the McCoy’s house, he was brought back in a police car so Tracy could correctly identify him.

Although Dubai is the star of the show, there is a tiny chihuahua that deserves some recognition. As Dubai barks and bites at Ward, you can see a small white figure doing the same at Ward’s ankles.

We are unsure what this dog’s name is, but you know they are not to be messed with if you know anything about chihuahuas. One commenter writes, “Why doesn’t the chihuahua get any credit? He tried his best.”

Chihuahuas, on average, weigh under 10 pounds, are 10 inches long, and have a high tendency to bark. Knowing about the Great Dane and chihuahua breeds makes this duo an unlikely but adorable pair that did a great job working together to keep their family safe.

However, it is important to remember that you can’t necessarily judge a dog by its breed because, like people, dogs are unique with their personalities.

Although the family was still shaken after the experience, it is easy to forget that the situation could have ended a lot differently for everyone. But thank goodness for good dogs that are loyal to the bone.

Be sure to check out the video below to hear Tracy talk about her experience and see just how good a boy Dubai is.

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