Cat sees the blind dog struggle and decides to help him

Jim knew just what to do to help Bruce feel better.

Guide dogs provide an incredible service to people who are blind or visually impaired. These smart pups help these people get around and keep them safe.

These dogs are incredibly smart and special.

But what happens when it’s the dog that’s blind?

No, they don’t exactly get trained human guides though there are people who would love to take care of a handicapped dog. This is Bruce. He is diabetic, and as a result, he went blind. This sweet loving dog has to rely on his nose and ears to get around.

And Jim the cat figured that out. Jim took it upon himself to be Bruce’s guide, leading the dog out into the yard where they sometimes play hide and go seek. It’s great that Jim does so as most blind animals develop dementia.

Forget about the age old rivalry. Jim could care less about their breed’s histories. As far as he’s concerned, Bruce is his bestest best bud and he will be there for him every single day.

He doesn’t mind spending this lifetime with Bruce. He’s got nine anyway.

And how about when they’re not outside playing? Well, they share a comfortable space where Bruce can lay down as Jim stays by his side to make sure his dog pal is all snug and warm.

Bruce may have a lovely blue sweater, but it’s this compassionate cat he’d rather have to warm his heart.

Bruce lays down to rest a bit and as he does so, Jim lays a gentle paw on Bruce’s head and proceeds to lick his buddy’s head with so much affection. Makes you want to call your best friend right now, huh?

Bruce must have fallen asleep in an instant.

This is the new TLC. We’re saying Tender Loving Cat and tell us you don’t want one of your own. This also goes beyond an adorable act of affection. Jim seems to be grooming Bruce. In cat speak, this dog is now part of the group.

It leaves Jim’s scent on the dog’s fur, sort of marking him as his own in a way. Which means he’s got Bruce’s back.

That’s a cool cat.

For Bruce, this is pure love.

He so obviously trusts his cat buddy judging by the way he easily dozes off letting Jim stay beside him. Bruce knows he’s not alone even though he can’t see. It takes a special kind of bond. He has faith in his friend.

“Two beautiful animals. The cat washing the dog is so sweet, he loves the puppy and has claimed him for his own,” observed a viewer.

This is one beautiful friendship. A cat’s simple act of caring for a blind dog may just be what this world needs to see. Hopefully, Jim and Bruce can inspire others to love and care for the less fortunate and the needy.

This friendship is so sweet, and it’s clear these two love each other and trust each other more than anything. We’re so glad they have each other!

Check out the heart-melting video below!

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