Sick young horse abandoned in the field saved by group of strangers

These strangers banded together to save a horse in need.

One day, a woman in Kent, England, took her dog out for a walk on a rural country lane. As she walked, she came across a sad sight.

Lying in the middle of a field, she saw a young horse who was clearly very sick. He could barely lift his head.

The dog walker called the RSPCA and reported what she saw.

Rosie Russon, an inspector with the RSPCA, quickly came over to meet the woman. She was also shocked and saddened when she saw what a bad state the horse, Adie, was in.

“Poor Adie was just lying there in the middle of this enormous bare field,” Russon said in a press release. “The ground around him was churned up where he had obviously been struggling to get himself back up after collapsing to his feet, but he had become so weak he could barely lift his head; it was very sad to see.”

Russon and the dog walker couldn’t lift the horse on their own, so Russon called a local vet for help.

While they waited for the vet, the dog walker jogged over to her car and grabbed some water. The sick horse quickly drank the water, making it clear that he was severely dehydrated.

Russon also gave the horse some hay she had brought with her, and Adie gratefully ate it. Since it was freezing outside, the dog walker also wrapped the horse in some blankets, trying to warm him up.

While all this was happening, word spread through the small farming community about the horse.

Many people came to help Russon, the dog walker, and Adie.

“A local horse rider who had passed us beforehand then appeared on foot, bringing us a horse rug from her own yard, and we used this as a sling to raise Adie to his feet,” Russon said. “It was by no means an easy job, but between nine of us we managed to haul him up and keep him steady. The kindness of these people was very moving.”

The vet arrived, and the gathered crowd helped move the ailing horse into the vet’s trailer.

The vet took Adie to his practice, where he looked him over. The vet learned that on top of being dehydrated and hungry, the poor horse also had worms.

The horse had a long road to recovery, but after many months, he finally started to get better.

“He is still being treated with steroids and receiving parasite treatment to clear him completely of all those worms that were making him so ill, but he’s through the worst and hopefully before long we can look to find him a loving new home,” Russon said. “He’s a beautiful Standardbred horse who will be fairly tall when he’s fully grown, so he will be the perfect riding horse for someone one day.”

Thankfully, Adie’s story has a happy ending! The horse recovered and even found a new home. And it’s all thanks to a group of strangers who banded together to help Adie.

Check out the rest of Adie’s story in the video below!

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