Golden retriever wanders the beach with huge lump on his stomach

The poor dog needed care.

When a dog is sick, we want to believe their owner will do everything they can to make them feel better and heal. Unfortunately, though, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, a dog can end up in a sad situation where they’re sick and all alone in the world.

This is what happened to Henry.

The Newport Beach Police Department found a golden retriever walking alone one warm May day.

Thinking that he might be lost or a stray, they decided to approach the dog, and they were then hit with a massive surprise. The dog had a massive tumor that was interfering with his walking abilities and dragging him down.

The rescuers quickly decided to take him to the Newport Beach Animal Hospital to learn more about this tumor and to see if it was possible to remove it.

They quickly discovered that the tumor weighed 46 pounds, nearly doubling his body weight, and many surgeons were apprehensive about removing a tumor that big.

They eventually managed to find an expert that helped take care of Henry’s tumor. With the help of donations, the surgery and all other medical bills were paid off as well!

“Most vets that we’ve asked and have been involved in his story have never seen [a tumor] that big,” Valerie Schomburg, an animal control supervisor with the Newport Beach Police Department, noted about the surgery. “He has so much love and life to live that we wanted to give him a second chance.”

Henry was found to be about 7 or 8 years old, and police began the search to find the owner and charge them with cruel and dangerous neglect.

Valerie fell in love with the dog and she was determined to help him get better. She was able to get a $500 grant for the surgery to remove his tumor.

Sherri Haughton, the owner, was eventually found and charged, and Henry was put in a great foster home! Henry has become a little celebrity in his community and is proof that all dogs are worth time and care.

The dog is stronger and healthier than ever and will be living a long life in a happy home!

A year after Henry was rescued, the police department celebrated the dog’s ‘re-birthday.’

Henry got to eat lots of delicious doggy ice cream, and the police department put up a Facebook post to celebrate Henry.

After going through so much hardship, we’re so glad Henry is doing so much better and is in a good home where he can eat doggy ice cream and enjoy his life. We’re so thankful for the rescuers who helped Henry get better.

Check out a video about Henry below!

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