Dog cries tears of happiness when freed from the short chain

Maria didn’t go on walks. She didn’t receive any love and perhaps the worst part of all, she was chained to a wall.

A four-footer inside the home will often be an infinite source of joy, happiness, and smiles, and pets can definitely form a very special and loving bond with their owners.

Tragically, it’s evidently clear that not everyone is suited to be an animal owner.

This was the case for a poor dog named Maria.

The owners of this poor pooch actually only got her to guard the home, but they had absolutely no good intentions for her own wellbeing.

Maria didn’t go on walks.

She didn’t receive any love, was fed maybe once or twice a day, and perhaps the worst part of all: she was chained to a wall.

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see any animal in dire situations like this, and Maria has known this for basically her entire life.

Thankfully, there are still caring people in the world.

Some people and animal organizations do their absolute best to try and stop these malpractices and make the world a better place.

They all have a common mission: save as many animals from abuse as possible, and then try to find them a warm and loving home.

Luckily, the animal organization Let’s Adopt! International (LAI) heard about Maria’s story, and they decided to investigate.

Owner Viktor Larkhill really hopes he can make a difference with this non-profit organization, and he’s certainly giving a whole lot of animals a completely new life.

It started as a national organization but quickly went international.

After all, there are a lot of animals all around the world in need.

After these animals are rescued, LAI is also able to give them treatment for any possible injuries and also provides them with some temporary shelter, all while looking for a warm and loving family.

Viktor’s seen terrible things in his career.

This was one of the worst cases of abuse he’d ever witnessed.

They got a call about Maria in the city of Cartal, Spain.

Without hesitation, Viktor and his team went to the tipped location and couldn’t believe their eyes.

Maria, a Fox Terrier who has understandably lost her smile, was completely chained to an outdoor wall.

Viktor even had the chance to talk with the owners, but he got understandably upset when they told him that they never even bothered to give the pup a name.

That’s also when they heard that the four-footer actually never knew freedom, and has been chained up ever since she was a small puppy next to the family’s metal junkpile.

Maria was in almost critical condition when she was found.

The team was very surprised that they were actually able to approach the poor and mistreated pup with completely matted fur, who seemed friendly toward the whole process.

The animal rescuers believe that she hoped these people would save her, and that’s exactly what happened.

No dog should have to live like this.

She was in bad shape and even had a huge tumor.

It was on her rear, and the poor thing couldn’t even sit properly because it hurt too much. The rescuers didn’t hesitate and immediately cut off her chain and took her with them.

They also gave her something she should’ve had from the beginning: a beautiful name, Maria.

Everyone headed to a nearby animal hospital for a full medical check-up, which was certainly needed in this case.

Surgery was needed in order to remove the numerous tumors present on her body, and Maria had to spend some time in the ICU.

Luckily, the surgery at the hospital went well.

Maria was taken care of by LAI while they were waiting for an interested family to adopt her.

And they didn’t even have to wait too long! After two weeks, Maria found herself loving new owners and a warm home, full of tender loving care she deserved.

Thanks to these animal rescuers, her life is now completely unchained and worry-free.

Be sure to check out Maria’s story in the video below.

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