Mama duck brings her babies to the nursing home

A mother duck has been allowed to parade along the hospital’s corridor with her ducklings behind her. And, the mama duck does it every year.

A cute animal wandering into the workplace is enough to brighten the day of anyone who happens to see them. Stories of animals finding their way into workplaces are all over the internet. And, the unusual guests usually are given a warm welcome by amused employees.

At the Thompson Health nursing home in Canandaigua, New York, a mother duck is even allowed to parade along the facility’s corridor with her ducklings behind her.

The event happens every year and has turned into a sort of a tradition at the nursing home.

The mama duck not only gets to parade with her babies inside the continuing care facility every year. She is also greeted by the staff every year in her parade. The staff is present each year to welcome and guide the family.

Some animals that find their way into people’s workplaces do so to find food. Others are just plain curious and want to see what is going on inside the place.

The mother duck, however, walks along the corridor of the nursing home every time she has newborn ducklings.

The mother duck visits the nursing home every May. She and her ducklings pass through the main corridor of the MM Ewing Continuing Care Center Canandaigua in Upstate New York. For some reason, the mama duck always chooses the same corridor, and her babies always tag along with her.

It turns out that the mama duck also lays her eggs and takes care of her babies within the premises. The Thompson Health stated in a Facebook post in May of 2019 that every year the mother duck stays in one of the hospital wing’s courtyards to give birth.

And, when it’s time for her parade with the ducklings to start, the mama duck knows how to make a unique entrance.

“She lets us know that she’s ready to go by tapping on the glass, and this morning, it was time for the annual rite of spring,” Thompson Health wrote on Facebook.

The staff already know how to guide the family of ducks. It’s because the mother duck always takes the same route. “She has us trained,” according to one Facility Services associate, as stated in the Facebook post.

The staff also have old signage to help guide the family of ducks in the parade.

They are ready in case the mama duck or her ducklings find themselves veering away from their path.

Praises about the hospital’s effort to welcome the family of ducks poured in the comment section of the Facebook post. One Facebook user, Iris Rafael, loves the hospital’s yearly event with the mama duck and her ducklings.

“The duck probably loves the place very much and feels comfortable to show her ducklings to everybody,” she wrote.

The mama duck does look comfortable walking along the corridor of the nursing home with her babies following her.

After exiting the corridor, the mama duck will take her ducklings to the large grassed area of the hospital. The staff at the nursing home stay at the door until the end to see them off.

What an awesome yearly event at Thompson Healthcare!

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