Deaf pitbull can’t contain his tears when his best friend get adopted

My eyes got teary when I realized what was happening!

Having a best friend who gets you is something deep and gratifying. When you’re down and need a friend to tell you something stupid to bring you out of a mood, a friend can swoop in and make you laugh!

Unsurprisingly, dogs have the ability to have meaningful friendships too!

Marshmallow is a deaf pit bull and lives at a rescue center, waiting to be adopted.

Marshmallow and her friend, Scooby, lived together at the Unleashed Pet Rescue in Kansas. The two were inseparable and loved to spend time with one another! Being together for a year, they really developed a great connection.

As happens, one day brought a bitter reality.

When a dog gets adopted, it’s always a celebration! What people sometimes forget, however, is that those dogs leave some friendships behind when heading to a new home.

In kennels like this where dogs are allowed free time to play, they will inevitably develop friendships.

Kennels that give their dogs space to play are always preferred if possible. When dogs can play, they also develop friendships! Marshmallow and her friend, Scooby, had developed a friendship over the year they spent in the kennels together.

Many people adopt two dogs for this reason! Healthy Pets says:

Two well-matched dogs can become best of friends, providing each other with companionship and a built-in playmate. For dogs that will be left alone for several hours during the day, having a puppy pal to socialize with can mean the difference between destructive boredom-driven behaviors and a happy, well-stimulated or contented pooch. It can even help with separation anxiety.

When Scooby was adopted, Marshmallow was heartbroken.

When people came to check on the dog, they found Marshmallow sitting in her kennel with a toy, crying. Without even wondering, the staff knew why she was so heartbroken – she missed her friend!

The staff went out of their way to comfort the dog.

Dogs can have broken hearts and it seems like Marshmallow is currently experiencing it right now. The staff is taking extra time out of their day to play with and cuddle with the sad pup.

The bright side of the situation.

Knowing how sad she was, they decide to speed up the process of looking for a family to adopt the cute pitbull. Soon, they announced they had found one! The two friends now have families of their own who love them.

Maybe one day the two dogs will meet again!

The idea of an idyllic surprise meeting is the stuff of poems! Maybe on a walk one day, Marshmallow will be walking with her new owner and having a great time smelling some bushes.

Across the street, Scooby will see her and start pulling on his owner’s leash to take him to the other side. Since Marshmallow is deaf, she won’t hear him come up behind her.

When she finally turns around, the two will have a reuniting like a romantic movie scene!

It may happen one day, but we can rest assured in the fact that they are both being loved just like they needed!

Who knows if that will happen or not! All we know is that the two have people and families who love them and will take care of them. Marshmallow and Scooby prepared each other for a life of love through their own little relationship.

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