Guy saves a little parrot egg and helps hatching the lovely creature.

This is amazing to watch.

It all started when a guy walked into a pet shop. He saw a parrot egg with no mother to look after it. So he took the mother’s place.

The man was looking around the pet store when he saw something odd.

There was a budgie cage with a male budgie inside. But on the ground was a budgie egg. Where was the mother, the guy wondered.

So he asked the store owner what was going on. The owner said that the mother had just been sold. The man realized that he was the unborn budgie’s only shot at survival.

The owner let him take the egg home.

So carefully, he placed the egg inside a matchbox and some cotton wool and drove home.

Luckily, the man already had an incubator at home.

So he placed the egg inside, hoping that the unborn budgie would still develop.

Two days later, he took the egg out of the incubator and placed it in front of a light, hoping to see that the bird inside was still alive.

He couldn’t see anything. But still, he didn’t want to give up. So he placed the egg back inside the incubator and decided to wait another two days.

This time he placed the egg in front of the light and was amazed at what he saw.

There was definitely a heartbeat inside!

Every couple of days, the man checked on the bird. It was growing rapidly.

The guy had to turn the egg three times a day to ensure that the bird would grow. But he was sure to never miss a turning.

19 days later, he woke up to find the egg cracked.

The bird was hatching…

The bird was tweeting away from inside the cracked egg. The man could hardly believe that such a small creature was so loud.

He picked the egg up and helped the bird emerge.

He was amazed to see the creature. It looked more like a movie alien than a parrot!

Still, the bird was his. He felt immense pride in giving it a chance.

But then something went wrong. The bird couldn’t get out of half of the egg. The umbilical cord was still attached to him.

So carefully, the man got some scissors and cut the cord.

The man had looked up about feeding the parrot already.

So he picked up the bird and brought a spoon of milk to him. The bird started drinking.

The guy fed the bird eight times a day. Sure, it was a lot of work, but he didn’t want to give up on the baby.

The bird soon started to grow feathers. Eventually, the bird could eat solids. So the man shared his food with him.

The man decided to call the pet store again to see if the bird’s dad was still there. The owner said that he was. So he drove back to bring the dad into the home.

The man introduced the baby parrot to his father. It was like they knew they were related!

The man uploaded a video of the bird’s journey to YouTube and it quickly went viral. In just a few months, it has gained over 25.6 million views. It also has more than 773,000 likes and 50,000 comments.

People have been saying things like this:

You can watch this incredible “egg rescue” for yourself below!

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