Young boy returns from school and reunites with his long lost dog

Check out this 10-year old boy’s reaction after finding out that his lost dog for two months came back home!

Having a pet and being separated from them for a long time is really tragic and heartbreaking. There comes a point that you’ll lose hope that your pet will come back, but let’s cling to that smallest chance of hope. One perfect example is this 10-year old Tyler Bandy who got reunited with his dog after two months of being separated.

Bruiser got lost after chasing a rabbit.

The Bandy family did everything they could to find Bruiser the pit bull.

After this gray and white pit bull went missing, the Bandy family did every means they can think of to spread the news that their fur animal was missing. They posted fliers around their neighborhood in Florida, posted on Facebook, and even called the Animal Control and Animal Services to see if someone reported that they found Bruiser.

They even left a towel and a couple of pieces of old clothes in front of their home

In this manner, Bruiser could catch a trail of their scent and find its way back home. Oh, the little things you do just to let your fur animal come back.

How was Bruiser found?

Bruiser was picked up by someone who was on the way to Highlands County, and the dog ended up in the Animal Services. One of their staff, Teri Dosil, said that this pit bull looked familiar. So she started to look up some Facebook posts about dogs that went missing. Her instinct was right, this dog is Bruiser of Bandy’s family.

Tyler’s parents surprised him and his reaction is priceless.

As soon as they got Bruiser back, they kept it a secret from Tyler, and as soon as he came home from school, Bruiser ran over him and hugged him. What a heartwarming reunion!

Tyler was in tears realizing that his best friend and brother is back after two months of being away from each other.

Bruiser missed his best friend too!

This dog definitely missed Tyler. He licked him and showered him with boops and kisses while wagging his tail which made Tyler cry even more. Seems that the guys were overwhelmed to be reunited after a long, long time of being separated.

“To say Bruiser had a joyous homecoming would be putting it lightly.”

-Highlads County Sheriff’s Office

Indeed, “joyous homecoming” is an understatement

A whirlwind of emotions is evident with Tyler and Bruiser’s reunion. At last, after two months, they’re back in each other’s arms.

And true enough, they’ve been inseparable ever since. Looks like they are catching up for the lost time of being not together for a while.

Everyone is happy that Bruiser is finally back home

The video has garnered more than 2.8 million views. Most of the comments are well wishes and being happy that Bruiser’s back home. Many people also got ‘dust’ in their eyes with this touching reunion. Who wouldn’t cry after seeing your lost dog after quite some time.

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