Poor pitbull’s miracle recovery melts hearts of millions people

A dog named Hudson had a rough start to life. When he was only three weeks old, Hudson and his two sisters were left on a railroad track. To make matters worse, the dogs were malnourished and dehydrated, and the cruel person even nailed the dogs’ paws to the tracks so they couldn’t escape.

Thankfully, before a train arrived, a railroad worker spotted the poor puppies and pulled them off the tracks.

According to Gladwire, the pups were in terrible health with wound-riddled paws. One pup only had three paws, one had two missing toes, and the third had a gaping hole in the paw. Tragically, one of Hudson’s sisters did not survive the intensive road to recovery.

Hudson and his surviving sister moved to Mohawk Hudson Humane Society to recover. Hudson received life-saving emergency surgery at the cost of one of his paws.

Brad Shear, former executive director of the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society, believed the incident was a case of cruelty against animals.

“It’s very clear that it’s a cruelty case. This is someone who intentionally did really serious harm to these puppies. Someone that can do that is a very scary person. To do this you have to be heartless.”

Those who found Hudson and worked on him had hope the pup would make a full recovery and live as normal a life as he could with just three paws.

Thankfully, Hudson had the perfect partner in the road to recovery: his new dad, Richard Nash.

Shortly after Richard Nash adopted Hudson, he noticed the pup having night terrors.

The pup also had a difficult time trusting people, for understandable reasons. Richard concluded he needed to give Hudson some of his life back. So, he ventured to Plastics Make It Possible and got Hudson a prosthetic paw.

Hudson needed time to adjust to using his new paw. At first, tasks as simple as getting out of the bed were challenging. Once he broke in the paw, Hudson was finally able to act like a puppy.

Nash found happiness in the fact that Hudson could finally enjoy being a puppy.

“Not many parents would be happy their dog jumped on the table, but he used his hind legs to get his front paws up on the table and that was a really amazing day. We were crying because we were so happy to see him do that.”

With the help of his owner, Nash, Hudson trained to become a therapy dog. The two go to hospitals to visit parents and work with children.

Hudson was rewarded for his incredible service by the “hero dog award” given out by the American Humane Society. He received the award thanks to his dedication toward his therapy dog training and the awareness he raised on cruelty toward animals.

Nash believes Hudson’s story gives other people the confidence and strength needed to accomplish their goals.

“Just him being there (as a therapy dog) and seeing how happy he is and how well he can walk on his prosthetic and the things he can do even though he has a disability, I believe it gives people the confidence and courage to be able to say, ‘I can do it. If this little 65-pound dog can do it, I think I can do it.’”

Hudson is a brave dog who has been through so much but never lost his kind spirit. If you’re interested in following what Hudson’s up to, check out his Facebook page.

If you want to learn more about Hudson, check out the video below!

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