Mama bear struggles to get her cubs across the road

She was so persistent and determined to get them all across with her!

For animals and humans alike, roads can be very dangerous places. For the humans driving on them, car accidents are all too common! You never know what is going to happen when you hop in your car and take a drive. For animals, roads are difficult places to cross, especially highways.

This is why animals have to be so careful when crossing roads. And some animals, like bears, seem to understand the danger present on roadways. One study even assessed how bears cross the road and found that the animals change their patterns to deal with human roads!

Like human mamas, there are some animal mamas who take their duties very seriously.

No human mom would let their little kids play in the street! As this video shows, neither will a black bear mama! Incredible footage shows just how strict a mom a black bear can be when it’s her baby’s lives that she is looking after.

In Winsted, Connecticut, a road blockage was filmed. The cause of the blockage? Five black bears!

We can clearly see what is happening in the video. There is a family of bears who is trying to cross the road, but the little cubs are making things extremely difficult for mom. They don’t want to listen and are getting on her last nerve!

The mama bear is seen moving each cub across the road, one after another.

Grabbing them by the scruff, she pulls them across. Traffic is entirely stopped as they watch the incredible scene play out in front of them! As she brings two over, she goes back to grab the second two. Unfortunately, one of the other ones decides to follow her back!

It’s like a game of herding cats, and the mama bear can barely keep up!

As she brings one over, two more go back, and it looks hopeless! Thankfully, she has the determination of a true mom. She yanks one off the pole it was climbing and starts her third journey back.

Her dedication paid off, and she finally has all four rascals across the street and ready to go find some berries or something.

You can’t help but marvel at this mom who singlehandedly manages FOUR cubs all by herself. In the world of animals, few are better moms than bears are. It was pretty incredible to see how everyone stopped to let her do her own thing, too!

The world knows just how amazing mama bears can be!

The mother bear has always been the quintessential example of a mother’s love, and this is mainly because of their fierce, protective nature. It is a widely accepted belief that the most dangerous place to be is between a mother bear and her cub, but is this really a well-established fact or just an exaggerated myth? I’m not sure that I would want to be the one to test this theory. – Motherhood in Point of Fact

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