Cat keeps sick granpa company and refuses to leave his side

The healing power of some animal cuddles is never to be underestimated!

Say what you will about animals and their intelligence, but it’s hard to see stories like this and discount the reality of just how smart and empathetic they are. It always seems like we hear stories that top the last one, usually involving an animal who displays such a level of human emotion, it’s almost too crazy to believe.

Kelly Nugent traveled from Florida up to New York to see her dad, who was sick.

It was about two months ago (Januaryish), and she wanted to see her dad who was sick. Along for the ride with Kelly was her little cat named Sweet Potato! Kelly wanted to have a friend around with the gravity of what she was walking into.

Kelly’s dad was in the midst of receiving treatment for bone marrow cancer, and she wanted to be near him as he went through it.

With the reality of how hard this was on him setting in, she drove up to be with him.

“He started having a really hard time getting around and doing things and pretty much needed 24-hour care while he was healing,” Nugent told The Dodo. “My dad is my best friend, and I realized I just had to be there with him.”

While Sweet Potato isn’t a licensed therapy cat, he might as well be! You can meet him in the video below (Language Warning)!

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She knew that Sweet Potato would provide some much-needed emotional support in a time of difficulty for her dad.

“He’s the sweetest cat on the earth,” Nugent said. “He just loves everybody and wants to be around people. He has that dog-like personality.”

By dog-like, she meant he loved to be cute and snuggle up when the time was right. While many cats will do this, not all of them are as affectionate as dogs usually are. It was a good thing too since her dad was definitely a dog person!

When the two finally met, it was an immediate connection.

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“As soon as we got there and Sweet Potato acclimated, he became a madman for my dad,” Nugent said. “He would not leave his side, and still, to this day, they’re just attached at the hip.”

It was almost like the kitty could sense that he needed the support and care, and he was going to provide it!

“So he kind of just stepped up to the plate and was like, ‘This is my job now. I’m gonna help heal you.’ It’s like he knew.”

No matter where he is, Sweet Potato is never far.

Whether he’s at his desk or sitting on the couch, Sweet Potato will find a nook for him to cuddle up in and give Dad some love.

Kelly even started posting videos of the two friends on TikTok! The world always needs more innocent and heartwarming content, doesn’t it?

The nurses say that her dad has greatly improved, and it may just have to do with a special cat who gave his attitude a little boost!

If you want to see an update video on Sweet Potato and Kelly’s dad, check out the video below!

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