Dog chained for more than four years finally rescued

Dogs are made to love, and for this passerby, it’s a gift she would readily give.

On her way to school, Laura Seymour is often treated to a delightful sight. A big fluffy ball of energy seems to always love it when she swings by. It was an Akita that was unfortunately tied to a tree. If there’s someone out there who owns her, Seymour doesn’t know.

“I was just driving to school one morning,” Seymour shared her encounter with The Dodo, “And I noticed this little black and white figure chained to this tree.”

Delighted by the dog’s warm attitude towards her, Seymour decided to get closer.

She noticed that the dog is muddy and her chain was so short that it can’t even express how excited she was when people come by.

It was a big world out there and the pooch seems like she has so much love to give. But the only world she knew was the measly four steps around this big tree. To make matters even worse, she noticed that her food bowl was filled with water. It led to the conclusion that this dog was not being fed.

She called animal control and learned more about the dog’s situation.

“She had actually been chained to the tree for about four and a half years.” She explained to The Dodo, “The owners just didn’t have the means to take care of her, but he wasn’t willing to give her up.”

As much as Seymour wanted to take the dog with her, she could just take care of her from a distance.

She stopped by three to four times a week for about a year. She checked up on her regularly and gave her treats and toys. Even if she was worried about how the dog was faring through the freezing winter and the seething summer, she could only hope that she’ll see her alive and well.

But one day, when she visited her favorite pooch, she noticed that she has a really bad ear infection.

She called animal control again, and this time, they had to ask the owners to surrender the dog.

Then, the owners said something that Seymour had been waiting for over a year. They asked if they knew someone who would want to take the dog.

It was all Seymour needed to hear.

She jumped at the opportunity and took Takia home with her.

She was so excited. Seymour broadened her horizons and let her see the world for what it truly is. Gone were the days of cold winters and hot summers. She now knows how a warm and cozy house feels like. The leash that limited her world was replaced with hiking trails and a wide garden where she could eat snow or roll her back on.

She can now love the way she knows how.

Seymour shared that she likes being around people, especially those who are generous with rubs and pets.

“I want to make sure that those years that she can’t get back that she never has to live like that again.” Seymour said.

And we’re absolutely sure that she’s keeping to that promise.

Watch how a woman took care of a dog for a year until she got the chance to bring her home.

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