“Comfort dog” consoles the sick and nervous animals at the vet

Just knowing that this is an actual thing has made life so much brighter.

There is something about dogs that makes them one of the best (if not the best) home pets. They are not just man’s best friend, they are also family members.

Their love and loyalty for their owners can go beyond measure.

But dogs are not just good at home, they are not just some furry home companions or home buddies. With their on-point senses, they can foresee danger and even feel other’s emotions.

And this dog went above and beyond the rest.

Can dogs really sense danger?

According to Wag!, yes, dogs can sense danger.

“In addition to their super smell, dogs can hear frequencies up to 60 Hz, while human hearing maxes out at 20 Hz. These superhuman abilities enable them to sense things like change in barometric pressure as a tornado is forming. Plus, scientists have discovered that dogs may have UV vision. This means they might be much better at seeing at night, taking in details that we never could.”

Although danger comes in many forms, our beloved pooch can tell when it’s coming. That’s just one of the many things that we truly love about them.

What about emotions?Although danger comes in many forms, our beloved pooch can tell when it’s coming. That’s just one of the many things that we truly love about them.

What about emotions?

When it comes to sensing emotions, according to the American Kennel Club:

“Previous studies have shown that dogs can combine hearing and sight to match happy and angry human faces with happy and angry vocalizations. When using only their hearing, researchers found that dogs can distinguish the positive sound of laughing from the negative sound of crying, and that negative sounds upset and arouse dogs more than positive ones.”

That’s exactly what this story is all about.

An adorable photo of a dog helping a dog.

A photo posted by Reddit user Obito_GF became viral after it sparked a lot of discussions online. As the caption reads:

“This veterinarian has a comfort dog assistant that helps sick dog patients know that everything will be alright”

The photo shows a dog with an IV and another dog giving it a nose boop.

The said, “comfort dog assistant” is the vet’s dog and it looks like the four-legged helper is trying to soothe the furry patient.

It’s one of the most adorable dog photos that I’ve seen in a while. Reddit user BakeSooner9ol even called the dog, “Nurse doggy”, while Reddit user PelagianEmpiricist called the pooch “Dogtor”.

Somebody went deep in explaining what could be the story behind the viral photo.

According to Reddit user tecknoize:

“What if that picture is actually of a veteran comfort dog, after helping countless others go through bad days, is now the patient, looking at the eyes of a new comfort dog recruit. As he remembers how he felt on his first day, he can’t help but do his job one last time, comforting the recruit that everything is going to be alright.”

While there are some who saw a forthcoming danger from the image:

“Except for the fact that dogs are more comfortable around humans than other dogs. A dog in a vet would probably be more comfortable with the unfamiliar humans than with an unfamiliar dog,” wrote user yenwood.

Though people’s opinions are divided, the majority still see the picture as a sweet one.

Now we know that dogs are not just sweet to humans but also to their kind. We bet the vet’s career will prosper because of this caring furry assistant.

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