Horse rushes into the raging fire to save her grandbaby who was stuck in the barn

A big wildfire occurred that even made the horses panic. However, one horse turns back to the danger to save other horses.

The wildfire broke out at the worst time.

It was incredibly windy in Simi Valley when a fire suddenly erupted on the dried brushes located near Easy Street and Madero Road. It took only a few hours for the fire to devour large acres of land, causing people and animals to panic.

Firefighters immediately responded to the scene, but even they were overwhelmed.

By the time they arrived, the wildfire was already on a rampage, burning dried sources that fueled the flames to grow even bigger. With the strong gusts of wind, it was even made more difficult for the firefighters to mitigate the situation.

“The fire outflanked us very rapidly today, pushed by those 40 to 50 miles per hour winds,” Ventura County Fire Assistant Chief Chad Cook said in an interview.

Horses came out running on the street to escape from the fire.

As the fire continued to rage, several horses escaped from their barns to run for their safety. Most of them have no handlers, so a lot of horses are galloping on the streets in a disarray. Plenty of Good Samaritans helped people capture them and coaxing them on a safe area. Some people were even seen running to the barn to get the horses out and move them to safety.

Amidst the confusion, one horse can be seen galloping around restlessly.

As for some horses, their owners already went to get them.

However, one particular horse that doesn’t even have a rein was running wildly on the streets. This horse even refused to get caught by others who tried to block her way.

Several seconds later, the horse was seen running away from the crowd. The reporter thought that the horse was going back to the barn for safety, but what happened next was just beyond anyone’s expectations.

The restless horse turned back to save other horses on the scene.

Even though some people were willing to lead her to safety, this horse couldn’t stop worrying about the others. Once she saw two other confused horses, one adult and a colt, from the distance, she immediately ran back towards them.

She led them back to the street and allowed them to be led to where their handler was. The worried handler immediately asked for help to put them in the trailer while she sprints to get the rest of her horses.

With the people working together, they were able to save most of the horses.

Despite the chaos, people were helping each other to corral the horses to safety. With the help of the heroic horse, it became easier for some handlers to locate their steed. They were able to save all the horses except for one sadly.

Considering how devastating the wildfire was, it was already more than amazing that there were only a few casualties.

In the end, the devastating incident swallowed more than 1,700 acres of land and threatened more than 7,000 homes. The fire was completely extinguished on November 2, 2019, but it still took a couple of weeks for them to deem certain areas to be safe.

Check out a video of the brave grandma horse below.

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