Dog meets his new best friend at the intersection

There’s no exact time to let your puppy meet new friends. Even this guy took the risk to get out of his car during a red traffic light to let his pup receive some smooches.

As we’re driving during rush hour, we couldn’t help but make a couple of stops because of the busy traffic.

Sometimes, we’d be stuck for a long time with nothing to do but wait for the green light to show up. Although, some people use that timeframe to make some new friends with other people who’re also stuck in traffic.

Dangerous intersections.

In general, road intersections have their own potential dangers, but there are far more roads that are more dangerous than the others. A lot of intersections located in Tampa, Florida are known for one of the most dangerous intersections in Hillsborough County.

That is probably because of its wide area that caters to huge crowds and with some people eager to rush in after just a hint of green light. In fact, according to a study in 2018, two intersections from Tampa were at the topmost of the list of the most car crashes.

It’s nice to meet your new best friend on the road.

However, that didn’t stop one man from doing such a risky move while waiting for the green light at the intersection.

As you can see, a big dog is peeking outside the car’s window, and it seems to have caught the interest of the other car beside them.

What actually caught the big dog’s attention was a small puppy that a man brought to his ride. Since the man saw how eager the German Shepherd was to meet his pup, he decided to bring out his pup to let them greet each other closer.

The big dog can’t hold back his kisses towards the adorable pup

The moment the puppy was right by his face, the German Shepherd didn’t hesitate to shower it with a lot of his smooches and licks. The doggy was gentle and didn’t do anything to scare the small pup.

Judging from how their first-time interaction went, it would seem that the two hit it off very well. You could even say that they became best friends during that brief moment. If it wasn’t just for their very limited time, they might just be able to play with each other longer.

The person behind them was considerate enough to wait for the person to get back his car.

The driver behind them was able to capture the wholesome moment on his phone, and while the traffic lights turned green, he waited for the man with his puppy to go back to his car before driving.

Despite Tampa’s reputation of having the most dangerous intersection, you can’t really expect that there are heart-melting moments that happen there.

The man did the right thing by letting his puppy interact with other dogs.

Socialization is important in dogs since it eventually becomes a huge factor in their growth.

Meeting new environments, people, other dogs could help them improve their behavior, discipline, and even their health. A puppy that wasn’t able to experience a lot of interactions is most likely to cause problems in the future.

This man did a very brave thing just to let his puppy socialize with the dog next to them. However, as much as it is beneficial for them, it also tugged other people’s hearts as well.

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