Dog with injured paw limps into vet clinic to ask for help

I can’t believe a stray dog knew exactly what to do!

Don’t you wish you could help every single injured animal out there? While we know it isn’t possible, it still hurts our hearts when we remember just how many animals in need there are. Some are the result of bad ownership, but others were just born in the wrong place!

The story of one stray dog was enough to capture the heart of all who heard the story.

In Ceará, Brazil, one clinic was about to meet one of the sweetest dogs that they had ever seen. When a dog comes into their clinic (well, any clinic for that matter), they are usually accompanied by a human! This time was a bit different, however.

The clinic, called Vet VIP, didn’t understand how the dog even knew where to go.

While they were servicing animals on a regular day, a dog literally walked into the clinic and started looking for help. It didn’t have an owner with it, it simply ran in off the street and knew that this was the place that he needed to go in order to get help.

Thankfully for the dog, Dayse Ferreira da Silva was working that day!

Silva is a vet who caught on to what was happening and decided to play along. The pup came in the front door and presented his injured paw to the doctors, knowing they could help. When they motioned him back to a room, he even followed like it was nothing!

“Quindim was a stray dog. Through the external cameras of the clinic, I saw that he was walking, then he laid down and took a nap. Then he got up and went to the office door. Right away, I felt that he needed help and I invited him in.”

When they took a look at Quindim, they found out why he came into the clinic that day.

Quindim needed some help! As it turns out, he had a malignant tumor that is common in sub-tropical areas of the world.

“He kindly let me examine him and after some tests, he was diagnosed with a transmissible venereal tumor, which is a very common disease in stray dogs and also highly contagious.”

Thankfully, the dog came in when he did, otherwise, things might have been different.

Quindim responded well to treatment and was put up for adoption!

When Quindim came in for help, he probably had no idea that he would get a forever home out of it, too!

“He is doing very well now, reacting perfectly to chemotherapies, to the drugs he has been taking and so far he has had no adverse reaction. Quindim is now for adoption. We already have around 10 people from Brazil all interested in giving him a loving home, but we will give preference to people close to our city, because due to the pandemic, many flights were canceled, making it difficult to send him to another location. He is loving, very playful, he is very outgoing, runs, plays and socializes well with other animals.”

Now that’s one smart dog!

This is Quindim and his vet friend, Silva! They look like two peas in a pod, don’t they?

Check out the video below!

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Victoria Do

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