Dog barks at biker and leads him to an abandoned baby

I would have sped up if a dog chased me, not stopped!

We will never fully understand just how smart dogs are. Even if they don’t have the same language capabilities as we do, their ability to empathize and make decisions is astounding.

For one man riding his motorcycle through a windy mountain road, a dog’s intelligence was just the tipoff he needed.

Juntrell Fuentes Revilla was driving through the mountains of Cebu in the Philippines when something incredible happened.

A relaxing mountain drive on a motorcycle is something that many men dream of. For Juntrell, that dream was a reality. He was simply enjoying the meandering road and the wind whipping past his face when he noticed something strange.

As Juntrell was driving, he saw a dog chasing after him.

Most people would see a dog chasing them and speed up to avoid it, but the dog didn’t seem to be attacking – it seemed to be concerned. When he finally stopped to see what the problem was, the dog just barked and barked, seemingly signaling Juntrell to follow him.

Pulling off to the side of the road, he finally followed the dog like he thought it was asking him to.

Walking up the side of a mountain near a dumpsite, Juntrell had no idea what to expect. This could all be him following some stray dog that was just bored. When the dog led him to a little package that was gently squirming, however, he knew that this dog knew exactly what it was doing.

The dog had led Juntrell right to an abandoned newborn baby!

This stray dog had quite literally led a stranger to help an abandoned baby wrapped in a brown towel. It was simply tossed into the dump without a care in the world. He couldn’t believe his eyes or the fact that a dog knew to go and get help from the main road.

Grabbing the child, he immediately brought it to the Department of Social Welfare for help.

The baby was examined and seemed to be in the clear! It hadn’t been sitting out in the elements for too long, and the dog’s incredible actions had assuredly saved its life.

When the news picked up on the event, it spread fast. People wanted to know about this life-saving dog!

Hope for Strays decided to head out and look for the stray.

When they came upon the dog out near the dump, he was with a man who was referring to the dog as Blacky – he wasn’t a stray at all! The man owned Blacky as well as three other puppies. The dog was happy and healthy with his own family already!

It was clear that Blacky’s family love him but still needed help.

The community still wanted to do something for the dog who saved that child, so they supported the family in the mountains with food, pet supplies, and a ton more.

Blacky didn’t just help a baby; he helped his family!

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Victoria Do

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