Scruffy cat turns into a real beauty with love and care

This cat lost his trust for humans. However, his life turned around when several individuals worked hard to save him.

Whether you live in the city or the countryside, you’ll always notice some cats roaming around places. There are some cats who beg for food from humans in order to survive. On the other hand, there are cats who immediately sprint away in people’s presence.

Difference between a stray and feral.

Street cats are categorized as stray and feral, and both have distinct differences that everybody should remember. Stray cats are considered cats that received socialization from humans and most of these cats are probably abandoned.

Feral cats, on the other hand, are cats that are not socialized to people, explaining their fear and distrust. They are mostly cats living on the streets since birth.

Although some strays could become feral after spending too much time without any human interaction.

It was said that feral cats are mostly impossible to be adopted.

Since feral cats have developed fear towards others, they are not recommended for adoption. In fact, some kill-shelters capture them just to be euthanized. However, it isn’t entirely impossible to befriend a feral cat.

This scruffy cat refuses to be touched by others.

Jaina from Cats of San Bernardino happened to notice a cat hiding under the bushes. When she went to take a closer look, she found a cat full of wounds and shedding fur. They placed a can of food in front of him, but the stubborn cat did not even attempt to eat. Moreover, the rescuers saw that the cat’s eyes were infected, thus not being able to open them.

With the cat’s limited vision, his other senses became honed.

The cat might have caught the woman’s scent which is why he became overly cautious. Despite not being able to see clearly, the scared cat completely avoids Jaina’s hand when she tried to reach for him.

He acts purely out of instinct along with his hearing, even avoiding plenty of attempts when the staff tried to sneak behind him. Jaina had difficulty trying to catch the cat under the bushes.

Eventually, CSB found their chance to catch the feral cat.

Since reaching underneath didn’t work, Jaina tried to look for another way. She found an opening right above the feral cat and slowly reached for him that way. Her hand reached the nape of his neck, and she immediately grabbed it then gently coaxed him into the cage.

Although the cat had problems adjusting to a new environment, the shelter never gave up on him.

Jaina and the rest of CSB decided to give him the name Apollo. They bathed him and treated his wounds, but they couldn’t do anything to fully recover his eyesight. For plenty of weeks, Apollo would try to hide away from the staff and the other cats, but CSB never lost hope in helping him.

Apollo gradually improved until he finally learned to trust them.

Slowly but surely, Apollo’s attitude improved. He stopped hiding, and he even let the staff clean him every time he gets dirty.

This continued for five months, and one day, they saw Apollo as a different cat. His fur grew back over time and he could even open one of his eyes. Furthermore, he finally was able to be comfortable around everyone.

The once scared feral cat turned into a gorgeous cuddle-bug who loves people swarming over him to pet him. He even became the face of the Cats of San Bernardino organization. Thanks to CSB, Apollo can finally live the life he truly deserves.

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