Service dog tries to help stranger at the airport

The corgi was napping so the owner let go of the leash. But a few minutes later woke up and dashed straight for a stranger.

Cora the corgi is a special dog with lots of love in her heart. But while she may be living the good life now – it didn’t start out that way. Her owner, Madison Palm, rescued her when she was seven-years-old and in rough shape.

The poor creature had lived outside most of her life. She was also underfed, had never been to a vet, and had given birth to multiple litters of pups over the years.

At first, Madison planned to be a foster mom to Cora. It didn’t take long though before all of that changed.

She was so sweet and loving that Madison decided to give her a forever home instead.

Cora the corgi now resides in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho with her family. Because of her beautiful personality, she even started training to become a therapy dog.

Madison told TODAY that she helps keep her calm when she’s dealing with anxiety. She also discovered that Cora has a gift for sensing other people’s feelings too.

Madison and Cora were in the Seattle airport on their way to visit Madison’s mom in Alaska.

At one point during their long layover, the corgi got up and “snuck away” from her mom. She headed straight over to a man who was sitting in a chair by himself.

Yet, before Madison had a chance to call her back – the man started petting her. Although she didn’t want Cora to be a bother, it didn’t appear that the passenger minded her company at all.

“Cora quietly tip toed away from me during our crazy long layover and plopped herself right next to a complete stranger. He gave her scratches, told her how cute she was, and proceeded to take a photo of her…”

When Madison learned more about the man’s situation, it all made sense.

Turns out, the man was heartbroken over his own dog, who’d passed away the night before. It seemed like Cora was aware that the stranger was distraught and in need of comfort, which is why she approached him.

Madison wrote on Facebook:

I’ve never had a doubt that Cora can sense those who are hurting and those who need companionship and love. She is a natural born therapy dog in every way. I am so blessed to call her my dog 💕

Fortunately, Madison managed to capture the special scene at the airport with her cell phone.

The story went viral and it spread all across the internet. By no surprise, people fell in love with the corgi who seems to have been born with an extra-big heart.

One Facebook user commented:

“That is amazing. I know what it’s like to lose a dog. It’s tough. So the fact that she went up to that guy and showed him some love is truly amazing.”

Another person wrote:

“oh my god I’m tearing up. She is such a beautiful soul 😭 I love her so much”

Going from her Instagram account, it looks like Cora’s living a fun and adventurous life with her mom and four-legged sibling. She also seems to have a true calling, which is to help others.

Madison told BuzzFeed:

“I believe Cora has the ability to feel sadness and empathy for people. I think she can somehow sense who is experiencing depression, sadness, and loss. She aims to comfort people, it’s her favorite thing to do.”

You can watch Madison’s short clip from the airport below! Aren’t dogs amazing?

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