Soldier returned home and his cat’s reaction is priceless

We’ve all seen the videos where dogs jump for joy when they see their owner return after being away for a stretch of time.

But a cat named Finn the Ragdoll proves that cats love us just the same.

The science, however, on whether or not our cats really miss us when we’re gone is still up for debate.

“There is great debate about how much cats mind their owners leaving,” Dr. Elizabeth Stelow, chief of animal behavior services at the University of California, Davis, told The Dodo. “One study showed that some cats show signs of separation anxiety when left; these cats were most likely to urinate outside their litter boxes or be destructive. Another study showed that cats don’t attach to their owners in these ways, and respond to strangers in the home the same way they respond to owners.”

If you’re team “My Cat Misses Me” then there are a few signs you can look out for to tell whether or not your cat misses you.

Is your cat purring and stretching when you walk through the door?

A study from the Public Library of Science suggests it’s because your cat is happy that you’ve come home.

We already learned that destructive behavior is a sign that your cat doesn’t like when you leave.

So is a physical illness or the presence of stress and agitation when you return.

Showing a strong desire for affection when you get home is also a sign that your cat missed you while you were away.

Finn the Ragdoll sure was excited when his soldier dad Nick came home from a drill.

So, excited that Finn’s mom’s caught his sweet enthusiastic behavior on video.

She ended up putting that video on YouTube where it was viewed more than 31 million times!

Nick is Finn’s mom’s boyfriend. Mom must have been telling Finn that Nick was on his way because Finn was pacing back and forth in front of the door.

He could sense that his dad was close.

“Who’s coming?” his mom asks off camera.

Finn walks over to mom, then back over to the door again.

He starts yelping and meowing super loud in anticipation.

Finn starts jumping and pawing at the door. He can’t wait for dad to come home! He then stops because he hears Nick coming up the stairs.

Finn backs away from the door so dad can open it.

“He’s coming!” mom says.

And Finn is meowing and meowing. He starts crying at the door even louder!

Finn couldn’t be happier when dad bursts through the door. And dad, who affectionately calls Finn “Ners,” short for “Finners,” is just as happy to see Finn.

Dad puts the box he is holding down and opens his arms to welcome Finn who jumps up into his daddy’s arms and starts purring like crazy.

“It’s a good homecoming,” says mom.

And Finn and dad both agree.

Watch Finn greet his soldier dad in the adorable video below.

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