Terrified penguin escapes from killer whale by jumping on boat

Check how this gentoo penguin swam and leaped for his life to not end up in the killer whale’s belly!

Sometimes you wonder how small animals fight for their lives to stay alive and not end up as prey. Just like this little penguin swimming so quicklyas an enormous whale is chasing him. Did the penguin successfully escape or was he served as the whale’s lunch? Let’s find out!

A couple captured this heart-racing moment while they were on a whale-watching expedition,

While having an expedition at the tip of Antarctica, this couple named Matt and Anna Karsten did not expect to witness a killer whale chasing this scared penguin for his lunch.

The gentoo penguin is dashingly swimming for his precious life.

Surely, this gentoo penguin does not want to end up in the killer whale’s stomach, so he swam as fast as he could to be out of the whale’s sight.

“Swim, Jimmy, swim!”

Matt and Anna encouraged and cheered for the penguin to outswim the killer whale. Moral support did help the gentoo penguin fight for his life.

They swam in circles.

The predator-prey-like scenario went on for a few more minutes swimming in the vast ocean. As the penguin became really desperate to save his life, he made a swift turn heading to the boat full of whale watchers nearby.

Jimmy attempted to jump on the expedition boat!

Can you spot the flying gentoo penguin? That’s Jimmy trying to jump on the boat just to escape the killer whale chasing him! Jump for your life, Jimmy! You can do it!

He’s almost there!

The gentoo penguin didn’t reach the boat successfully, so he swam and tried again.

Jimmy fell on the side of the rubber boat. Let’s not lose hope for Jimmy. You’re almost there, buddy! Let’s try again.

On the third attempt, he finally made it.

Everyone gasped as the gentoo penguin tried to safely onboard the expedition boat.

When they saw he’s in, all of them cheered! Those in the boat helped the penguin get in the boat, too. Way to go, Jimmy!

Better luck next time, orcas.

The boat that saved the penguin headed back, and that’s when the killer whales realized that their lunch is gone. On the other hand, look at this adorable penguin telling the orcas to try again next time.

When the coast is clear, Jimmy swam back to the ocean.

After a while, the boat who rescued Jimmy returned him to his habitat making sure that no orca is in the area. Indeed, the ocean is pretty scary for those small animals like Jimmy.

This penguin story also gives us a motivational message.

One YouTube comment said that Jimmy’s trying to tell us that if he survived this feat, we can, too. Nothing’s impossible if we put our minds and hearts to it.

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