Horse was sinking into quicksand and this woman was there for him

It didn’t look good for the horse there for a while!

The reality that a friend might not make it through an ordeal is a sobering moment. You never know when a moment will be a disaster, and sometimes those disasters turn into tragedies.

In Australia, a woman was out with her horses when something terrible happened.

Australian beaches are famed for their pristine sand and gleaming waters, but not all coastal areas are that beautiful. In some spots along the coast, water sits and creates dangerous mud holes that can suck someone up in a matter of minutes.

The mud holes aren’t always clear and can take even an experienced person by surprise.

Nichole Gray was riding her horses along the beach when they stumbled into a massive mud pit. At first, it was just a dirty and rather unfortunate event. Soon, however, she realized it was a life or death situation.

Mud pits are harder to get out of the heavier you are.

For a human, scabbling to the top of the pit and crawling out isn’t too much of a task. For a horse that could weigh up to 2000 lbs, it wasn’t so easy. Slowly but surely, the horse began sinking below the surface of the mud, unable to escape. As it got closer to his head, Nichole realized she might have to witness her horse’s death.

Astro, her horse, is 17-years-old and the two have been friends for years.

The bond between animal and human is hard to describe unless you’ve had a close pet yourself. Putting an animal down is hard, but watching it slowly sink into the mud to suffocate is a different thing entirely. It doesn’t look good as nobody can think of a way to pull the massive animal from the pit.

Then, a savior appears.

Who knew that a farmer cruising down the road on a tractor would be such a welcome sight! When the man heard about the incident, he hopped on and headed their way. Once he arrived, they got straight to work getting Astro out.

First, a vet sedated Astro so they could pull him without a struggle.

You don’t want a 1-ton animal jerking around when they start pulling on it! With a quick kiss, Nichole lets the experts get to work. After Astro is out, they warp him in cloth and start pulling on him with the tractor. Soon, he’s free.

With a final yank, they get Astro to safety.

A farmer and his tractor saved the day, and Nichole was as thankful as she could possibly be. If it wasn’t for the quick thinking of a few people, the day would have likely ended in a tragedy.

After cleanup and some treats, Astro is back to his happy self.

Astro handled the entire thing like a champ and didn’t struggle the entire time! All it took was some creative thinking and the reassuring nature of Nichole to make sure things worked out for the better.

Check out the video below!

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