Rescued piglet hug abandoned kitten to comfort her

Laura and Marina were rescued just days apart from each other and they’ve been inseparable ever since.

In Santiago, Chile, best friends Laura and Marina have captured the hearts of millions of people.

They love to cuddle and play and, of course, they’re inseparable.

It may sound like any other friendship that we know, so what makes them so unique?

Well, Laura is a piglet, and Marina is a kitten.

You have read it correctly, Laura and Marina are of different species, but their love for each other is admirable. How did they meet, and how did they become the best of friends?

According to Santuario Igualdad, Marina, the kitten was left alone by her own mother. She was the weakest, and she was also sick.

The poor kitten also had pus in her eyes.

Just in time, a Good Samaritan saw the poor and sick kitten and rescued her, bringing her to the Chilean sanctuary, thus, giving her a second chance in life.

Now, Laura was born on a factory farm. Her mother is a breeder pig – that means the poor piglet was born only to be slaughtered. Like Marina, it was in the nick of time when some activists came to her rescue.

The poor piglet came into the sanctuary traumatized.

The sick kitten and scared piglet were rescued days apart which allowed them to meet each other.

Both of them came from a rough start.

Both needed care and, above all, they both needed love.

When they first met each other, it was Marina who helped Laura relax. They understood each other’s need for love, and that is what made them so close.

It did not matter if they are not from the same species.

Their hearts understood each other, and we all know that love is the universal language that connects us all.

Laura and Marina became inseparable. They were each other’s family. The adorable best friends would sleep close to each other. They would even cuddle each other and, of course, shower each other with lots of kisses.

They were so adorable. It looked like something from a movie.

Of course, as they both regained their health, they also started to show their naughty side.

Both of them loved to play and explore. However, one wouldn’t play when the other was asleep. They would wait for each other so they could play together.

They are different, but they are the same in many ways too.

They were just kids. They were babies who needed the warmth of love and care, and they found it with each other.

Santuario Igualdad posted a video of the duo and it went viral, gaining more than 1 million views. In the video, you will see Laura in a very cute dress playing with her sister, Marina, who was as adorable.

Have you seen anything this cute before?

Because this will definitely melt hearts – that, we can assure!

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