Man find out why this puppy keep getting sent back to the shelter

Abbi and Abe, the cutest four-legged brother and sister from Puerto Rico, ended up in a shelter in New York. They were grateful to have been saved and alive.

It didn’t take long before the adorable Abbi was adopted, leaving Abe lonely. When would it be his turn?

The parade of pets that march through the office of The Dodo is endless and the employees love playing with them. One furry visitor in particular caught the eye of John Handem Piette, a senior editor at The Dodo.

Abe was with the group of pooches in the office one day when John noticed what a beautiful black coat the spirited dog had. He was incredibly friendly and full of life, which drew John toward him.

The sweetheart was being fostered by John’s co-worker. Everyone was so happy when they learned Abe had been adopted!

But their excitement for Abe was quickly doused when he was returned by the adopter.

“We all felt bad for him. We all thought he’d found his forever home, but it just didn’t work out. He just couldn’t seem to get adopted.”

Although the office dogs were thrilled to have Abe back with the gang, the humans couldn’t understand what was preventing Abe from being adopted.

He obeyed commands and was full of love and affection. That’s when John really noticed him.

“There was something about his eyes.”

In a couple of weeks, Abe found another home. Fingers crossed that this one would work! The staff even through a party for Abe.

Sadly, Abe was returned by the second set of adopters. John was alarmed and grew determined to figure out what was preventing Abe from being adopted.

“So I brought him home.”

John and his girlfriend discussed it and decided to rename Abe as Bean, Kobe Bryant’s middle name, and give him a fresh start

“I knew what he’d been through and I just wanted him to know that until we found him a forever home, he wasn’t going anywhere. Whatever issues he had, I was going to work through them with him.”

It was almost instantaneous that John figured out just how much work Bean was going to be and the primary reason why he had been returned twice.

“There is no end to the devastation this puppy can cause.”

In no time at all, Bean destroyed his dog bed, a shoe, chased birds, pulled on the leash and was a mini tornado in John’s home. John and his girlfriend were incredibly patient with their new buddy.

But just as Bean was settling into a new routine with two people who loved him dearly, COVID struck. John and his girlfriend loaded up Bean and headed to New Hampshire to stay at his parents’ house.

“It was a whole ‘nother venture for Bean. He got to see snow for the first time.”

He also went for his first swim in the family’s pool, which was his first time ever in the water.

“Good boy! I’m gonna cry.”

John and Bean found one thing they both love to do and that’s run. Bean burned off energy and John got in a good workout. It was a win-win!

But, Bean’s obedience was truly tested at his human grandparents’ house in the form of two cats.

“Tigger accepted Bean right off the bat, but Simba, not so much. He chased her everywhere. Tigger laid down the law, but now they’re inseparable.”

Another bonus of spending quarantine with John’s family was that Bean boosted John’s mom’s spirits. She has been recovering from breast cancer for the past year and having Bean around helped her heal and brought a smile to her face.

“Bean’s made life an absolute joy for all of us, except maybe Simba. He’s taught us so much already. When times are tough and things don’t work out the first time, or even the second time, things will eventually work out. He’s definitely found his forever family. I’m so glad we chose each other.”

What an amazing story of one couple’s dedication to a challenging but lovable pooch! They started out prepping him for adoption and ended up keeping him forever.

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Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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