Man rescued pitbull from a dog fighting ring and showed him love

Dogfighting is a truly inhumane ‘sport,’ and it’s sad to think that it still happens today. While it has been illegal in the U.S. for decades, sadly, it does still happen sometimes.

Thankfully, though, there are many rescue organizations dedicated to stopping dogfighting and rescuing the poor dogs from these rings.

Devastatingly, for the poor little souls who fall into the hands of dogfighters, their lives are full of violence, pain, and fear.

As well as the emotional trauma, these poor babies also sustain physical injuries. They don’t know what it feels like to be given love and affection from another human being.

This means that if a dog is lucky enough to be rescued from their cruel owners, then every little piece of love and affection that they are given is a very big deal to them.

Meet Finn the pitbull, otherwise known as Mighty Finn.

Finn was rescued from some dogfighters in 2016.

He was battered and bruised, and he must have been very fearful of humans back then. He didn’t know what it felt like to be loved and have nice things. But his new owners weren’t about to give up on him.

In a video shared on Finn’s Facebook page, we are given an adorable insight into Finn’s reaction as he is given pizza for the very first time.

Pizza is a delicious treat for any dog, but for one who has been mistreated for most of his life, just imagine what that first piece of pizza must be like!

The video, which is very accurately named ‘Pizza Crust Zoomies,’ shows an excited Finn being given his first-ever bite of pizza.

As soon as he takes it in his mouth, he starts to run around the room with pure joy as he devours the cheesy, pizza-y deliciousness.

The little guy is enjoying his tasty treat so much that he simply can’t sit still!

Finn zig-zags joyously around the room while his owner laughs and says, “You’re going to choke!”

He then runs back to his owner and stares at her with big, puppy dog eyes, as if to say, “I’d like some more please!”

As soon as he is given his next piece, the pizza crust zoomies can be resumed.

It warms our hearts to see a rescue dog now being given the love and care that he deserves. Hopefully, Mighty Finn is now able to forget about his traumatic past and focus on the more important things (like pizza.)

Finn has been with his owners for a few years now, and he has grown from a scared little pup to a happy, confident dog. He recently passed his Odor Recognition Test, and his owner explained why this was such a big deal in Finn’s healing journey:

“This represents years of helping Finn learn to be comfortable in new places, doing new things. Some of you only know him in the now, not the Finn that used to tremble and drool when you took him to a new indoor space. Not the Finn that would run and hide from things like the ceiling fan, air conditioning, vacuum, etc. not the Finn that took 20 minutes to load up into a car and who threw up every single car ride. Not the Finn who wouldn’t take any treats no matter how good they were, and who wouldn’t work for food. While Finn has always been stable and stellar with people, dogs, cats, and kids, he had a lot of things to overcome when he came off that chain. So yeah, this means so much more than finding odor. It’s about Finding Finn.”

We’re so glad Finn is doing well and that he’s so happy in his forever home. Chec

k out the video of Finn getting his first treat below!

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