Pitbull gets adopted right before getting put down

Many may think that an animal shelter is considered a haven for strays. That could be true as many shelters try to meet the animals’ basic needs, namely, food, water, and shelter. However, they are not given the love and affection that they deserve. This is why some shelters could easily disregard a life just so they could free some space. The same almost went for this shelter dog who was in the queue for euthanasia.

Dog was put on death row as he was not adopted for so long

There is a shelter located in Gardena, California that was open to the use of euthanasia – a drug used to instantly extinguish an animal’s life. The kill shelter’s name was Carson Animal Care Center.

A dog named Benny was rescued on the streets and was put into the shelter. He was bathed, fed, and given a place to sleep. The problem was, it has been several months since he was living in the shelter, with no one who walked into the building taking interest in taking him home.

The shelter’s answer to this was to put him on the list of dogs who will be euthanized — it was as if they’re putting innocent lives on death row.

You could just imagine the ignorance of these animals regarding what’s going to happen to them, especially Benny who was just waiting for the perfect family to take him home.

It is a wonder how many families have ignored Benny as he was shy, sweet, and a friendly pooch at that. Even just by locking eyes with him for the first time, you would know how wonderful he is.

Only hours before the slaughter, a family came just at the right time

Hope was almost lost for Benny, but then a group of unfamiliar people entered the shelter. The shelter dogs were barking loudly, clamoring their excitement over the sight of strangers. Meanwhile, Benny was anxiously sitting inside his cage, perhaps praying that these people would finally take him home.


To his surprise, the shelter staff went inside his cage, bringing a red leash for him. After tightening the leash around his neck, Benny already knew what it meant.

He walked outside his cage excitedly, pulling the person-in-charge of his leash. The rest of the caged dogs were probably jealous of him, being finally free and unknowingly escaping death.

He could not contain his happiness and just let it all out as he walked outside the shelter with his new family

Benny’s happiness could just bring tears to your eyes. The once shy and afraid pooch is finally in the hands of such loving individuals. See how he just pulls his escort excitedly as he walks outside with great hopes and an energetic smile. A new life is about to begin for him, and he anticipates the greatness of what’s to come with his new home and loving family. Hopefully, Benny was not disappointed.

It was all thanks to Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, a group dedicated to freeing these poor dogs from this kill-shelter, as they found the perfect family to take Benny home. Show your support to this group so more dogs could be saved from this shelter. You could read and watch about their successful rescues online by following them on social media.

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