The owner neglected his poor beagle yet still refuses to give him up

We can never quite get our heads around why people decide to have pets when they clearly have no interest in looking after them. And for a dog named Bean, although his owners refused to take care of him properly, confusingly, they also refused to surrender him to the PETA.

Bean lived in a small outdoor pen filled with trash. His only shelter was a rotting dog house, and he spent his days chained to a corner of the pen, with no social interaction from anybody.

Bizarrely, although Bean’s owners were keeping him fed and alive, they didn’t believe that he deserved anything more than his lonely pen.

As soon as PETA caught wind of Bean’s mistreatment, they visited Bean’s owners and asked if they could take him to be rehomed. But the owners point-blank refused, leaving the animal rescue charity with no choice but to clean up Bean’s pen for themselves.

As well as cleaning, they also replaced Bean’s rotting shelter with some comfortable straw to keep him warm, and they made sure to give him lots of love and attention.

The only time Bean was able to socialize with people was when the workers came to clear his pen.

And the only time the pen was ever cleaned was when PETA offered to do it.

Bean was outside in all weather conditions. Through cold, rain, and snow, he sat out in his little pen chained to one corner. We don’t understand how anybody could have that on their conscience and be okay with it.

But despite his mistreatment, Bean’s spirit was never broken. He was the happiest, most affectionate dog – and PETA were still determinedly working to get him out of such terrible conditions.

And after three long years, they finally got the news that they’d been hoping for: Bean’s family were surrendering him.

The sweet dog was ready to find a loving home – and this year, for the first time, he’s celebrating Christmas not only indoors but with a family that loves him.

Bean had a brilliant day. He was given lots of new toys and treats, went on a festive walk, and ate lots of good food. But the best thing about it all was that he was finally surrounded by people who love and care for him, and know exactly how to treat a dog.

Bean’s story was shared on YouTube by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), and it has so far warmed the hearts of over 77,000 people all over the world.

One person commented:

“God bless everyone at Peta, especially the staff and volunteers who have to deal with ignorant people who don’t deserve to have pets. Your steadfastness and compassion in helping backyard dogs is truly remarkable. Thank you for all that you do to bring moments of joy to the many forgotten animals.”

Another added:

“Beautiful video, thank you very much Peta for helping this beautiful doggie! Thank you new family for love and care!”

A final person said:

“Bean is one SUPER HAPPY dog! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Bean!”

Watch Bean’s sweet story for yourself below.

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