Diver has an unforgettable encounter with the seal

Gary and the Seal.

Sounds like a sitcom from the nineties. It could very well be when you see how strong the chemistry between Gary Grayson and this Atlantic Grey Seal is. Gary is a videographer, and at around 55 years old in this video, must have seen lots of incredible moments. But I doubt he expected this one.

The man was scuba diving in the Scilly Isles when he had an encounter of a lifetime. One he’ll never forget. The grey seal approached the diver, stroking Gary with its flippers before rolling over to expose its belly. The seal was asking for rubs!

What’s a guy to do?

You can see the pinniped look Gary straight in the face as he feels the diver with his flippers.

Looks like they hit it off because Gary and the seal shake hands and flippers!

As the seal rolls on its back, exposing his belly, you could swear the thing had its eyes closed, expecting the full treatment of belly rubs. Gary does not disappoint. The seal even looks up at Gary, then the camera, before patting Gary’s hand as if to say, Yes, human, good rubs.

Those layers of fat must have been extra soft that day.

The grey seal swims back up, its dog like face parallel to Gary’s, and since this pinniped started acting like a dog, Gary treats it like one. Chin rubs, neck rubs, and some cuddles should do it!

The seal goes to the diver’s hand, munching on it while using its flippers for support. Wonder if he likes the taste of scuba gloves…

A viewer wondered,

“Who named them “Seal” when they could have easily named them Water Dog?”

He has a point. Over 15.9 million views for this blubber boy.

Gary and the seal (has a ring to it) aren’t done. They exchange a few snuggles, hands and flippers joined, as man and seal make a friendship that though short lived, will forever remain with them. What a sweet moment.

What is a Pinniped, you ask?

Well in Latin, it means “Fin footed”. They are excellent swimmers and as semi aquatic animals, they spend some time on land or ice especially during mating and birthing seasons.

There are many different species of seals.

They have been hunted for their thick fur and even though hunting is regulated nowadays, the seal still faces many threats like lack of food, conflict with fishermen, and getting entangled in nets. The biggest threat to them is climate change, as most live in the colder regions. They need the ice and with polar caps melting due to rising temperatures, their natural habitats are getting smaller and smaller.

They need all the help they can get. Perhaps this grey seal did just that when it reached out to Gary for some love which the fat flippered one gave back to the guy. If Gary and the seal got along, why can’t we get along with the rest of them, right?

“Yeah animals are cute and all, but never has an animal made me so happy. That was possibly the most adorable thing I have seen all year. I was laughing so hard i was crying.”

That comment was from a male viewer. Pretty sure Gary Grayson agrees. He must have gone home feeling like a million bucks that day.

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