This spine-injured dog tried to bite his rescuers. But that was only the pain talking…

Healing isn’t always complex. But it’s always beautiful.

Neighbors were shocked to find their local street dog hiding in pain. When our rescue team arrived he growled and threatened to bite. Looking back, we now know the reason was only his tremendous pain and fear. Those growls were soon replaced by the most patient, trusting smiles.

Joey had no fractures or wounds, but to walk again, he would need 4 weeks of bedrest. For a young dog especially, this confinement is really tough. But loving visits and plenty going on around him helped, and now? Meet Joey today–better than ever.

One wrote on YouTube:”I don’t KNOW how you manage NOT to CRY, with the pain you see. Every. Single. Day. May your wallet never be empty, and your shelves full of medicine, needed every day, to help these lost, hopeless, homeless, beautiful animals, Large & Small. Love, from Germany.”

Another commented:”The Great Team… have done it again! Rescue after rescue ! Science, good food fresh water and loving nursing has won the day again. Joey such a sweet boy.
Thank you all!”

A YouTuber user said:”Thank you Animal Aid for helping the street dogs. Too many countries treat the street animals so cruelly. High five to the rescue workers on front lines…those guys have to face animals who are sick or injured..and sometimes aggressive.”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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