Rushing to surgery for dog with massive wound!

For unimaginable suffering, let’s imagine help.

The wound wrapped around her entire body. Hit by a car, this sweetheart had only a few hours to live without rescue. And with so much tissue exposed, we knew a conventional bandage might not be enough to save her.

Once she was on our treatment table and we could examine both her enormous wound and the excruciatingly painful leg fracture, we were relieved that she had enough skin remaining to close the wound with sutures.

We prepped her for surgery and our surgeon carefully closed the entire wound on her torso. He was also able to close the open fracture wound before plastering her leg. This ordeal was enough to break anyone’s spirit, but not Molly’s. She was gentle, kind and loving. Every moment.

From the first seconds of her rescue, to the kisses she gave once she was healed. How much lovelier the world is with Molly in it.

A YᴏuTuber user cᴏmmented:”She looks at you knowing that your there to help heal her body, heart and soul. It’s like watching a miracle performed in front of your eyes. Much Respect and Love from Scotland”

One cᴏmmented ᴏn YᴏuTube:”How beautiful to see these rescuers treat the dog gently and lovingly! They care first about her pain and fear, then her terrible wounds. They give her real comfort, real compassion.”

One said:”What I love about every video you show is the care, love and compassion every worker shows for every animal. You all take the time to pet, scratch, and soothe each one as you pick them up, as they are being treated, as they are being fed, and then all the love you give once they are up and running! Thank you for making sure these precious babies live to see another day and for showing them the love they so rightly deserve. You are all amzing!”

Watch the videᴏ belᴏw:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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