Does your heart need a lift today? Meet Oaty!

Love keeps hope alive.

Our rescue team must have gasped when they saw the sheer size of this street dog’s gaping neck wound. He couldn’t lift his head and he was nearly unconscious.

We rushed him to our hospital and began work to heal this complicated and horrible wound. At first, we weren’t sure he would have the stamina to survive. But he wouldn’t give up hope, and neither would we.

Meet Hopeful now!

One wrote on YouTube:”Oh my gosh, this is so painful to watch. The poor doggie was just laying there waiting to die. I can’t help but cry for the poor thing. Thank God for people like you and your group for helping out animals who are suffering.”

Another commented:”The lady who treated him while he is in intensive care is the angel of doggies. Thank you for caring for these beautiful souls. So uplifting to see him healed and surrounded by companions. God bless you and your work.”

A YouTuber user said:”Bless you and your rescue team! As a true dog lover, it warms my heart to see your staff take care of this sweet dog! I hope you find a family that will take care of and love this wonderful dog.”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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