Baby goat turned to stone in hardened tar—watch what it took to save her.

Sometimes it’s not medicine that does the trick. It’s hours of work, a pinch of luck, blended in love.

Little Suri was almost lost in hardened tar covering literally every inch of her body. Saving her precious life took 10 loving hands working for hours. She was abandoned by her owner and left to die. We don’t know how long she’d been stuck in the tar, but she was almost unconscious from exhaustion, dehydration and heat stroke. Her tail was stuck to her thighs and her legs were stuck together. All she could move were her eyes. She couldn’t even cry for her mother anymore.

Our team went to work with vegetable oil and soap to melt the tar. We’ve learned from past experiences with puppies stuck in tar that it takes hours to soften the toxic tar. When Suri was finally freed from the grip of the tar, she nearly jumped for joy. And so did we.

Watch this harrowing but wonderful story about turning a potentially terrible death into a beautiful new life.

A YouTuber user said:”3:42 the look of love. I’ve never seen a goat look at humans the way little Suri looks at all of you who helped her.
A video that started off sad, ended so beautifully. Thank you for saving this gorgeous little goat”

One commented:”Wow that brought tears to my eyes what wonderful caring people to dedicate that amount of time and effort to nurse that beautiful baby goat back to full health…..bravo guys”

A YouTuber user commented:”When the Creator turns his gaze away, being ashamed of the horrors humans do to themselves and others, I hope his gaze lingers a moment on his creations moments of love in its ultimate form, and sees, all is not yet lost! Way to go team! d>_0b”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

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