Tail-Wagger ALERT! Saving puppy with huge cyst.

A little life. So much love.

Whatever size the package is, love is huge, isn’t it? This gorgeous puppy was almost buried under an enormous cyst.

We treated him with antibiotics and drained the fluid to make sure it didn’t rupture inside. If it had leaked internally, it could have caused an infection to spread throughout the body and could have meant death for this little ray of sunshine.

But we rescued him in time, and he’s shining. Meet Georgie now!

One wrote on YouTube:”how the little baby is being patient with innocentness in all moments of treatments wagging his little tail knowing really your team of kindness for them . So beautiful family all of you guys.”

Another commented:”Another AMAZING recovery because of your love and dedication to the lives of the hurting and helpless innocent that would otherwise succumb to injury or medical dilemnas….. you always make my heart do somersaults of joy!!!!”

A YouTuber user said:”As every each of those souls that come across, I and many of us would have been crying, angering and crushing because most cases were/ are so extreme. But AnimalAid has always brought a light to the tunnel and you guys managed to get a wonderful days for those kids, so that they can enjoy.
May God bless you guys, I will always keep walking with you guys and support you guys to the end. Love you guys”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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