A very sick dog lay waiting to die on a street corner.

Jack was found on the street corner, coughing constantly and running a runny nose. The dog is always sad because of the past.

The test results showed that he had the pneumonic plague and it was very dangerous.

After receiving treatment, he gradually became attached to us and he finally found his home.

A woman wrote:”Jack is a beautiful dog, who would abandon him like that when he was so ill, it beggars belief. God bless you for rescuing him and seeing that he got the treatment that he needed to recover from this killer disease. I wish him every happiness in his new life and it was wonderful to see him happy after such a rough time. Love and blessings to him and everyone involved in his rescue and treatment.xx”

Another replied:”What a beautiful dog. Who in their right minds, would want to abandon him?! Some people shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog! So glad, that Jack got rescued. I hope he finds a forever home, with a family who will love him forever.”

One said on YouTube:”I’m so happy that you came upon Jack and helped him through his dark period. Thanks to you and your caring nature he will live a long happy life!!!! He reminds me so much of my first dog Smokey. Looks like a shepard and collie mix, beautiful. Smokey lived to17 years and I have such great memories with him as Jacks new family in Moscow will have with him.”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: helpanimal kmv
Support at: https://taplink.cc/helpanimalkmv

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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