A dog with spastic hind legs was abandoned in the cold winter.

Martin suffered from spasticity in his hind legs, the owner did not want to take care of him so he abandoned him in the cold weather.

However, you will be surprised by Martin’s spirit and optimism. He fought like a true warrior and he was well rewarded after all his tireless efforts.

It is a house full of love.

A YouTuber user posted:”You saved a dog that others ignored. Your kindness and dedication to animals you help is what makes you their angel. Sending prayers for his healing and a brighter future!!”

A commenter said:”Praise God for wonderful woman like you at all the beautiful vets looking after Martin. I love the name really suitable I have the saint more of animals than I do humans God bless you so very much for doing what you do it really really touch my heart he’s such a brave boy.
We could learn so much from them. You’re a good lady love you to pieces for doing what you do”

Another said:”IT make me cry to much…how people can be as IT…when im praying for my litlle dog Will die and I cant do nothing , IT make me feel terrible , and tied my hands, I love my dog lola, I rescue her 9 Years ago, this month Will be 11 years, but she is not ok..so sad IT….from Panamá blesses”

Watch the video below:

Rescuer: Sofia
Support at: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/sashy…

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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