Desperately worried horse gallops behind ambulance carrying her critically ill friend..

Sukie is blind and had been abandoned after a road accident. Rescued, she was living “alone” among a hundred cows in the Animal Aid shelter. She was surrounded by animals and humans, but she was lonely. Sukie desperately needed another horse, because horses need horses to talk to, to groom, to play with, to take comfort from in their shared language.

Across the city, a horse lay dying from a suspected twisted intestine. But she wasn’t alone. Her dearest companion was a little red mare, who appeared out of the blue following the ambulance at full gallop, as we transported her critically ill friend to our hospital.

Back in the hospital, we did everything we could to help the suffering horse, but sadly she didn’t have the strength to make it. She gently slipped away quietly within a few hours, with her friend by her side.

Her friend circled and seemed to grieve. But then, she saw Sukie.

This video is a tribute to all friends. Belle was the answer to Sukie’s prayers. And Sukie must be the answer to Belle’s in turn.

One wrote on YouTube:”My God.. her friend was with her throughout her ordeal. Love friendship and loyalty… the human was callous. Thank you for trying to save her, at least she had a few comforts ,quenched her thirst and was in the shade. Thank you. 🤲.”

Another commented:”Thank you for easing the suffering of the poor horse that died, and allowing their friend to comfort her in her final hours. I’m so pleased this good friend in turn found comfort in their grief with lovely Sukie. A friendship borne of tragedy, it seems they needed each other. Beautiful.”

A YouTuber user said:”heart breaking. i cried the whole video clip. i am glad the other horse is safe now and found a friend. Horses are Majestic Animals and love people but sadly some people just chose to abuse them rather then to love or respect them. thanks Erika and Team. Thank god for people like you guys.”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

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