The wound seemed too big to survive, but Magic saw things differently…

This video might change your idea of The Possible. When we rescued this little love, we found the biggest wound on a small cat we’ve ever had the challenge to treat. Magic’s mind-blowing recovery gives new meaning to the phrase “I can’t believe my eyes.” Meet Magic now.

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A woman wrote:”I’ve been sure that the people of “Animal Aid Unlimited” have magical powers of healing since I saw the video about the “dog without face” years ago. What these people achieve cannot be explained solely with knowledge, experience, dedication and professionalism, there is magic behind it – the magic of love for life…”

Another replied:”Oh my goodness!! My heart skipped a beat. How could a wound like that happen? Thank you for once again saving this cat Magic. He/she is beautiful, but many thanks go to Animal Aid for saving so many animals bless you all you are all Angels on earth 💕”

One said on YouTube:”This wound is/was so MASSIVE!?!?! That’s insane!!!Damn.. poor poor precious soul!! Thank you for being there AAU.. wish there were more of your rescues around… Blessings 🌿”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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