Trauma from nose to tail, but this little hero just won’t give up.

When the government hospital vet called us to rescue a dog someone had dropped there after finding him unconscious on the road, we hurried to help.


And so lucky that we did, because this sweetheart didn’t have much longer to live. We rushed back to the Animal Aid hospital where we gave him emergency IV fluids to treat shock and dehydration, and oxygen to help his labored breathing.

He seemed to have a broken jaw but otherwise no broken bones. With so much blood loss, we weren’t sure he would ever wake up. But within a few hours, his eyes brightened, and he seemed to partially absorb the idea that he was in a new place. He was returning to consciousness and beginning a second chance at life. This boy’s road to recovery included 2 months of daily therapy to regain his ability to walk, to eat, and to think. It was long but beautiful.

Meet this awe-inspiring little hero, Kenny, today!

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A man said:”This video depicts humans infused with so much Heavenly love it quite literally spilled over into saving this lovely, beautiful dog. Thank you for caring. Our world combats evil by doing good things such as you see in this true video.”

A YouTuber user posted:”You guys are doing great work, all your volunteers and the ppl actually involved in all the rescue operations, you deserve huge respect for your extraordinary efforts and kind heart. I pray for your safety and happiness. Thank you for what all you are doing.”

A commenter said:”Truly inspired by you, we helped a stray dog to recover from a massive ear wound full of seeing him happy with his family ( his girlfriend 😋and puppies) I feel so happy and proud…daily he welcomes me with his wagging tail to my morning walk , grt work guys..👍👍keep it up,and thanq for inspiring us with ur selfless work🙏”

Watch the video below:

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