Mother’s love helps calf heal from horrific wound.

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A mother’s growing calf was terribly injured on the back of his neck with a deep wound filled with maggots. We knew they needed to be together, but the day we rescued him we didn’t have room in our ambulance to bring them both. We hurried him for emergency treatment, but he was alone.

The next day after removing the maggots and thoroughly cleaning the wound, our ambulance pulled up with a big beautiful surprise for this little angel: his mommy! In a jiffy, they found each other, and then this calf’s healing process could gallop along! Daily wound cleaning and fresh dressings enabled that awful wound to close within a couple of weeks.

Meet Petal and Rose now!

One said:”Thank you so much Animal Aid Unlimited, for helping this calf get well with your love and care and for All these innocent souls, USA!!🙏😊🌷🦋”

A woman commented:”How beautiful! You have done it again! The little calf looked to be in great pain and was scared but you’ve made him better and he’s happy mummy is there too, well done everyone”

Another replied:”Thank you so much Animal Aid Unlimited for everything you do to help these animals from such a sad existence. Your dedication to helping animals in need is remarkable. Well done to you. You make the world a better place.”

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