Happiest dog with ruptured eye never stops wagging his tail!

We saved this happy boy’s life so soon after his accident that he suffered only for a day or two. His tail wags in every single frame of this video. We simply shudder to think of the tragedy we averted by rescuing him. It’s awful to imagine such a joyful puppy suffering in pain, whose tail would soon have stopped wagging forever. This little sweetheart is simply Love Itself in a puppy package.

Thank you, supporters, for giving us the means to save Sunny. Meet him now!

Graphic content for educational purposes.

A YouTuber user posted:”Thank you so much Animal Aid Unlimited for caring so much for these precious souls happy animals makes me happy,😊All animals deserve love❤ and happiness and the way you care for these animals are caring and very special and so are All of you, Blessings🌟 to All of you always, USA!!🙏❤⚘🦋🐾👏”

A commenter said:”I say this every time, I’m like a broken record, but: you are amazing. Apart from the treatment they receive, you give them so much love, and that heals just as much. Thank you for saving this gorgeous, waggy boy”

Another said:”Thank you for looking after this beautiful happy little boy, you are all angels! The way his friend ran to greet him was so lovely it brought a lump to my throat! Thank you for saving Sunny, what a super happy little boy, god bless all”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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