An angel in real-life, horribly wounded, saved.

This boy had a deep and huge wound filled with maggots. He had hidden himself away, giving up, waiting to die in a little alcove he’d found in a construction site. Yet when our rescue team came near, his tail, ever so gently, wagged. And wagged again: a light thump. Then, another light thump.

His eyes radiated a kindness that would never dim throughout 6 weeks of wound cleanings and fresh bandaging. He brought sunshine to every person he met, every moment, at death’s door when we admitted him, but never too ill to give love. We had to name him what he so thoroughly is: Angel. In its purest form.

This video contains graphic footage that is intended for educational purposes.

One said on YouTube:”This poor animal it’s like he was giving up bc no one besides you came to his rescue to save him, Animal Aid Unlimited thank you that this precious is safe and All of you are helping him get well, amazing this woman is she and All of you are Angel’s🕊 for animals, many Blessings🌟 to All of you, USA!!🙏”

A man commented:”My heart breaks into pieces every time I watched the beginning but yet filled with joy and happiness to see these babies recovered from the injuries. Thank you for all that you guys do for these beautiful animals!”

A YouTuber user posted:”Your videos never fail to bring tears to my eyes, watching a beautiful creature on the brink of death transform into healthy beings with the spark of life back in their eyes where it belongs. I live in North America where people are faced with the choice of either abandoning their pet (!!!) because they cannot afford the thousands of dollars that the treatment will cost. That or putting themselves into debt in order to pay to save their babies. I love how you consistently show us that there is another way. I know that not all pets can be saved, but after watching your videos for 5 years or more, a majority can with love, tenderness and daily care. I pray that the angels working together at Animal Aid Unlimited India continue their much needed care of these wonderful gifts from God and that their message someday spreads across the world so that no animal need die alone and in pain.”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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