Heroic Pit Bull Sees A Man Attacking A Woman And Comes To Her Rescue

This is an amazing story of a friendly, loving family dog who instinctively knew that he had to help a woman under attack.

Blitz is usually a sweet-tempered Pit Bull who jumps up to sniff and lick visitors, but when his human opened her front door to investigate the distressing screams for help she heard, Blitz bolted past her to defend a woman being attacked by her estranged husband.

Steven Paul Schumacher was dragging his wife by her hair from her home across the street and to his parked car when Blitz ran over to them and began furiously barking. Startled by Blitz, Schumacher loosened his grip on his victim, who then ran into Blitz’s home for safety. Blitz’s human then stopped the protective dog before he did anything to harm Schumacher, and before Schumacher was able to harm Blitz.

When police arrived on the scene, Schumacher, who was carrying a large knife, was pacing outside of Blitz’s home. Thanks to Blitz, Schumcher was charged with felony home invasion and domestic assault in April, 2009.

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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