We couldn’t believe this “old dog” was actually just a puppy!

At first you might think this dog is an elderly frail old lady, but she is a puppy who was suffering from advanced mange and starvation. To our amazement she greeted her rescuers with the trust and affection of someone not defeated, but vital with a will to live.

We hurried her into treatment, knowing that in this desperate condition, her immune system was very low and at any moment she could take a turn for the worse. Her innocent eyes peered up at her caregivers with so much hope even from the first moments on our treatment table in the hospital. And thankfully, her appetite was beautiful and she dove right in.

We named her Tulip and watched with joy as day by day her health improved and a puppy emerged where an old lady had hobbled.

One wrote on YouTube:”Thank you for treating Tulip’s mange and starvation. It would be lovely if you could provide a shelter to care for these beautiful dogs ‘through donations’ while advertising for forever homes for them. I’m so pleased that you plan to neuter Tulip to prevent her having puppies that she’s then dependent on the locals to fed and care for her and her offspring. ❤️❤️”

Another commented:”Thank you for everything you do, that other dog in the beginning looked quite hungry too. So glad she got to be back with her little family. I pray they stay safe out there and have food.”

A YouTuber user said:”What a sweet, happy girl even when starving and miserable with mange.thank you for helping her and all the others! You are amazing and give hope to all the other street animals! Take care”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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