Ice cold and motionless, this little one needed urgent help–and got it!

If we couldn’t warm up little Adoo quickly he was going to die of the cold. Somehow he had gotten wet, and his body went into hypothermia–a life-threatening condition that affects the heart and other organs.

We rushed him to our hospital and gave him heated water in a saline IV drip, and placed him in a nest of hot water bottles and blankets and human arms. But all we could do was wait to see if his little body would respond to the external warmth. Mere blankets couldn’t have done the job.

By the next morning, we met a new little guy–his eyes were sparkling and he even ate on his own! We kept him with us for a couple of days as a precaution and returned him to his mother.

A YouTuber user commented:”You are very good people. When I first watched this channel, I took you as an example. In this way, I help stray animals trying to live in difficult conditions in our country. I am very happy and peaceful because I took the right people as an example. “


One commented on YouTube:”You’ve done it again! Saved a beautiful precious little soul, thank you for giving this little one another chance, you are such wonderful people, god bless all”

One said:”The care with which that lady picked the puppy up – as if it were her baby! Care cannot be taught, it comes naturally. Can’t praise AAU enough.”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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