Beautiful recovery after maggots and alarming infection found hiding in dog’s huge wound.

One of the strangest cases we’ve treated, this quiet dog had a wound filled not only with maggots, but a persistent bacteria continued damaging the tissue. His wounds were huge and deep, but we knew our maggot removal protocol was very effective.

We were alarmed that even once the maggots were removed the wound rapidly grew. Even before the wound responded to the antibiotics, this boy had unusually gentle perseverance. He kept very still throughout his weeks of daily wound dressings. His eyes held steady but revealed little. Yet something profound was stirring inside him. He was always sweet. But it was an extraordinary surprise to find that as his wound shrank, his happiness rose to the surface.

Meet Balveer today!

One wrote on YouTube:”This is unreal! He had no skin on his flesh whatsoever in a huge part and it all grew back like nothing happened. What an amazing recovery. I hope he is gonna live a long and happy life.”

Another commented:”These wonderful, caring people at AAU saved another beautiful soul.❤
How heartbreaking that this poor dog couldn’t get anyone to help sooner…probably the first time for love and hugs and kisses. Thank you.”

A YouTuber user said:”Oh my God, this make me seriously cry… 😢 What a good strong little spirit! I’m so happy to see he pulled thru from such an intensely challenging situation that could have easily gotten him put down.. Kudos to the people that truly Saved him & who didn’t see it being acceptable to give up on him by putting him down.. You guys are truly great human beings. This honestly just made my day. Thank you.”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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