This puppy was hit in the face by a car but nothing could stop her playing.

This little angel was curled up and trembling when her neighbors called to report the accident. She’d been hit in the face by a passing vehicle and her mouth was bleeding.

We feared the worst–a complicated jaw fracture or a head injury–but our fears were calmed when we examined her and we found no signs of fracture (though she may have had a hairline fracture) and her bright button eyes and perky ears assured us that she had not suffered an injury to her brain. She needed rest and food, but rest? She wasn’t much interested in it–she was too busy playing.

She bounced back within days, and inspired us to call her Bouncy! What a pleasure to see her thriving.

One said:”These people are true heros. She’s so brave and strong what a good girl wishing her a wonderful life and hope she finds her forever home filled with love and happiness ❤ 🙏 😊 🙂”

A woman commented:”I was having a rough and hectic day and suddenly this piece of absolute happiness popped into my YT. Litearally smiling from the core of my heart after seeing bouncy’s bounce and shine. I wish I had million dollars to donate you! Thank you Animal Aid unlimited for being the voice for voiceless. Keep this up!”

Another replied:”Thank you so much for everything you all do–and most importantly it’s not just what you do but how you do it. You always quickly address the pain and then the issue at hand without delaying, and with a softness and care from every member; that’s why I love this organization so much and will continue to donate.”

Watch the video below:

Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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