Stray pitbull in the truck finally finds his family

Sometimes, fate has plans for you that you weren’t expecting. Funny enough, fate often takes the shape of a dog that you would have never considered adopting.

Emily was getting into her car to head home from yoga when something amazing happened.

Opening the door to their truck, Emily tossed her yoga mat in and opened the gate to her property. Right as she turned, she saw a swoosh of color and saw an animal leap into the door of the truck!

Incredibly, a stray pit bull had just leaped into her truck!

At first sight, Emily was scared of the situation. Stray dogs can be aggressive and all of the stories of Pitbulls started to flood her mind. Even if the dog was harmless, this was still a situation that needed to be handled very carefully. A cornered animal always needs to be given respect.

The dog crawled from the front passenger seat into the back of the truck and started scooting towards them.

After the first eventful moments passed, the dog seemed to want to be closer to Emily and her husband. It finally built up the courage to crawl over the seats and lay down on the backseat bench. Looking up at the couple with sorrowful eyes, the pup was basically asking for love.

After a few moments, Emily’s husband reached out his hand to pet the dog.

At first touch, it was immediately obvious that this dog wasn’t a threat. He just sat there looking dejected, but he appreciated the head scratches he was getting.

“Did we just get a dog or did the dog just get a truck?”

Emily wasn’t sure what to do next, but she figured that some food couldn’t hurt!

Bringing out some roast beef, they hoped to lure the pup out of the truck so they could decide what they would do next. After some water and a little snack, the dog still refused to come out!

Two hours later, they were finally able to get the dog out of the truck and into their home.

After the exhausted pup slept for the entire night and the next day, they took him into the vet to get looked over. Emily hoped that he didn’t have any owners because she wanted to take him home!

Finally, the news came out that the pup didn’t have an owner!

Taking him home, they named him Buddy and added them to their family. Then, something horrible happened. While out for a walk, Buddy saw a goose and went off chasing it. Soon, he was completely lost and out of sight.

Emily went to every shelter she could find looking for him.

After looking through every shelter and putting flyers up all over town, she finally got a call. She immediately drove to the shelter that called her and found her best friend sitting and waiting for him.

Now that they had him back, they officially made him a part of the family.

He has a microchip, GPS tracker, name on his collar, and more, just in case he ever escapes again! Buddy didn’t know who’s truck he was jumping in that day, but Emily and Buddy seem to be happy with the arrangement.

Check out the video below!

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Victoria Do

Victoria Do is a contributor at Jackie Inc.

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